What is an ADU?

What is an ADU? An accessory dwelling unit, or ADU, is a second house on your property. ADUs can be a garage or shed that has been turned into a tiny house, a basement apartment, or a granny flat, which is an apartment over a garage. 

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An ADU is a separate accessory structure from the main house but cannot legally be sold or separated from the main house. Mardena Construction can help educate and guide you through the entire process. 

Types of ADUs

Several different types of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) can be added to an existing property, such as:

Detached ADU
Think about how much space you have on your property, whether you want a detached house and other things that affect where your ADU goes. A detached ADU is a separate unit on the same property as a larger home. Some examples include a carriage house or a converted outbuilding like a granny flat or bungalow.

Garage Conversion
A garage conversion is when a garage is turned into a place to live, like a small apartment or a room that serves a purpose, like a home office or bungalow. Before you convert, ensure you don’t need the garage space for cars, tools, or lawnmowers.

Attached ADU
The ADU is attached to the main house. Most of the time, this room is built on the side or back of the house. These units may share an entrance with the main house or have their own. If you already have space that isn’t being used, it might make sense to add an ADU. Think about turning an existing patio or breezeway into a separate living area.

Interior Conversion
As you might expect, an internal ADU is a portion of an existing home that has been partitioned and renovated to create a separate living space. You can choose between a lower-level ADU (in the basement) and an upper-level ADU (in the attic). However, all safety and construction requirements for the home must be met.

Why add an ADU?
Homeowners may add an ADU to their single-family home for one of two reasons: to generate passive income or to accommodate a family member’s housing needs. An ADU could provide more space and privacy than living in the main house with the rest of the family. An ADU can provide privacy to a young family member seeking independence or an elderly family member who requires more supervision and freedom than assisted living.

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