General Construction


General Contracting

The construction management team at Mardena is experienced in many different types of construction projects, including residential and commercial construction, as well as new-build and renovation projects. We are also well-versed in the most recent technological developments and tools utilized by the construction management industry. Because of our extensive background in the field—spanning over 25 years—we are able to take on projects of practically any size.

You’re welcome to contact us now to schedule a free consultation and see if our expertise and values align with yours. We specialize in projects in the Los Angeles and Santa Monica areas, though we will work on projects throughout California.

Mardena general contracting services include:

  • Managing the entirety of the construction project, from development to closeout.
  • Understanding the material specifications and procuring them.
  • Renting and using the appropriate equipment.
  • Communicating with other project managers, architects, designers, owners/stakeholders, and vendors.
  • Inspections and permitting.
  • Logistics and progress reporting.
  • Adhering to codes and zoning regulations and fulfilling all legal & regulatory concerns.
  • Complying with the budget and schedule timelines.
  • Predicting potential changes and developing strategies for risk mitigation.
  • Creating effective communication between all project participants.

Suppose you want a new building, the reconstruction or redesign of an existing building, or additional offices or structures. In that case, Mardena Construction is the company you want to work with.

Mardena Construction will oversee and manage the entire construction project from the beginning to the end.

We can also provide the following:

Constructability Reviews
Our experienced construction professionals can evaluate the constructability of our clients’ architectural drawings and construction documents, considering site logistics, material deliveries, the buildability of details, and costs.

Design Management
If you need help with design or architecture, Mardena has a process-oriented approach to managing a project’s design, development, and implementation. This means our team works with and directs the activities of our esteemed 3rd party designers, engineers, and architects, who would be responsible for creating the project’s design.

Estimating and Take-Offs
Mardena specializes in collaborating with clients during the pre-construction phase of projects to provide them with an accurate understanding of project costs.

Project Management
Mardenas’ project management team will represent the owner’s interests and provide direct oversight of the entire project for the owner. They mandate collaborating with all parties to complete the project on time, on budget, and to the owner’s expectations for quality, scope, and function.

Scheduling, Phasing and Logistics
We can review existing schedules to identify optimization strategies, and we design comprehensive schedules based on our clients’ particular deadlines.

Subcontractor Selection
Mardenas project managers have an extensive database of vetted subcontractors. This allows us to select the most qualified artisans for those tricky project designs, including specialized subcontractors and vendors.

Value Engineering
Our team is highly skilled at finding innovative ways to cut costs while maintaining quality, safety, function, and aesthetics.

For more information on our General Contracting services, call the Mardena Team today at 424-222-1544

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