Our Team

Our Team

When choosing a company for your project, we know how important it is to learn about the people you will work with. Our most valuable asset at Mardena Construction has always been our team of skilled professionals. Whether they are consultants, architects, and designers, independent contractors, or full-time employees, everyone here is focused on one goal: client satisfaction. I am pleased to introduce the team that works together to transform buildings and create lifelong clients.

Our Team

Stephen Marden

Senior Project Manager

Stephen Mardena started working on construction sites at 14. Stephen started his career cleaning up NYC construction sites for his family business. He quickly moved on from simple cleaning tasks to playing around with tools. The first thing he did was use a jigsaw to cut a hole in a Formica countertop for a kitchen sink.

Stephen’s construction resume grew over the years to include high-quality commercial and residential projects. His diverse construction experience fueled his desire to learn more. This ambition led him to eventually depart from the family firm and start his own, which he ran for more than a decade. In 2018, he relocated to the west coast, beginning a new chapter in Los Angeles.

Stephen learned the ins and outs of the local construction industry while working as the Vice President of Operations for a Downtown Los Angeles company that specialized in high-end restaurants. He was in charge of expanding the company’s customer base and elevating its reputation in the hospitality industry. Stephen had the opportunity to network with prominent subcontractors, architects, and designers in the downtown area of Los Angeles, which allowed him to gain valuable insight into the complexities of building in Los Angeles.

Stephen founded Mardena Construction because he recognized a market need for a company whose primary objective is to realize the client’s vision. Now that he has full company and creative control, he can provide clients with the construction experience they expect and value. 

In his spare time, Stephen enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, and volunteering in his community. He also enjoys watching cooking shows and experimenting with new recipes


Peter Rokliano

Project Manager

Meet Pete, a seasoned project manager whose expertise is only matched by his boundless kindness. With years of experience under his belt, Pete brings a unique blend of leadership and empathy to every project he handles. Beyond the boardroom, he finds solace in the rhythm of music creation and the creativity of cooking, channeling his passions into harmonious melodies and delectable dishes during his cherished spare moments. Pete’s dedication extends beyond the professional realm, infusing his warmth and expertise into every aspect of his life.


Valentina Garzon

Assistant Project Manager

Valentina is an amazing project manager who combines her talent, knowledge, and unwavering dedication to mastering the ins and outs of projects. Her strong attention to detail is the key to her success, and her genuine love for construction management drives her to always do her best. Valentina not only knows what her clients want, but she also goes above and beyond what they expect, building relationships based on trust and honesty.

John Perez

Lead Carpenter / Project Supervisor

John is a master craftsman and lead carpenter known for his exceptional woodworking skills and meticulous attention to detail. With years of experience under his belt, he effortlessly turns raw wood into stunning pieces of art. Beyond his passion for crafting intricate designs, John finds solace in building and playing guitars during his spare moments, channeling his love for woodworking into creating harmonious melodies. His dedication to his craft extends beyond the workshop, where his creativity and expertise shine through every project he undertakes.

Group 5-min

Imelda “Melsy” Shepherd

Chief Happiness Officer / Head of Security 

Imelda “Melsy” Shepherd was born in March 2023 on a beautiful Norcal ranch to two lovely purebred German Shepherd parents, Pam and Yuri. Melsy is a happy and healthy puppy girl who likes to play fetch, lay in the grass, and chew on sticks and socks. Melsy is learning the ropes as an apprentice at Mardena Construction, where she will eventually hold the titles of chief happiness officer, security boss, and general laborer. Melsy spends her free time walking, running, sniffing, and licking faces and toes. Melsy is currently attending Zoom Room classes and plans to graduate in Fall, 2024. 

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